Rachel Mancour as Editor of the Sm[ART] Commons Blog

Internship Overview:

The Sm[ART] Commons blog is a platform for students, faculty, and graduates from MCLA’s Fine and Performing Arts Programs to have an opportunity to explore and share their experiences with arts and culture in the Berkshires. The blog features interviews, articles, travel stories, video clips, and other forms of documentation of work in the community.


As the Sm[ART] Commons Blog editor, I was responsible for creating and designing web pages to be visually compelling, posting articles on a variety of subjects, working with students and faculty to create written content to be posted, and create a “How To” manual for future interns. I also had to redesign the web pages in a way that made them easier to navigate and make sure all the content was updated. Throughout this internship I developed editing and design skills, gained experience working with digital publishing and website creation, and built collaboration skills with professors and students. As my internship progressed, I kept finding more and more content to add to the blog and my responsibilities continued to grow as the website was further developed.

“This internship has allowed me to explore new mediums I have never worked with before and develop an appreciation for website management. This has been such a rewarding experience.” – Rachel Mancour

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