Sophie Rice at Mass MoCA

sophie rice internship profile

Internship Position: Mass MoCA Kidspace Intern, Art Bar Attendant

Description: The Art Bar is a place inside of kid’s space where children can do crafts. Art Bar Attendants are required to greet visitors and inform them of the exhibition. They must restock and give out Art Boxes. Art boxes lunch boxes filled with materials to make the different crafts that are available at the Art Bar. Attendants must be knowledgeable of the exhibition in order to answer any questions about it that viewers might come and ask us. Attendants need to open up the gallery before guests arrive by turning on the lights, electronics throughout the exhibit, and take down stools off of the craft tables. At the end of the day, they are required to clean the space, turn the electronics off, and prepare the room for the next day.

Review:  I have found my time at Kids Space to be very rewarding. Working here has helped me understand how museums function behind the scenes. In the future, when I am trying to get a job in the field this position will be beneficial. This internship has also helped me develop my skills. I have become more comfortable starting conversations with people I have never met before, which is crucial part of making people feel welcome and allows me to share information about the exhibit. One of the most rewarding things about my experience at Kids Space, is when children come up to me to show me their art work. One little girl comes to Kidspace every week. She does the same art project every time, a self-portrait using different colors of paper and fabric along with markers and pencils. Every time her art looks different and unique.

“I love being a part of something that brings joy and creativity to children.”

– Sophie Rice

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