Erica Wilcoxen at Outside Gallery

Internship Position: Gallery Assistant

Description: Gallery assistant at Outside gallery, located in 10 Ashland Street, North Adams, MA. Daily tasks include maintenance of gallery: greeting and logging (counting) visitors, cleaning gallery weekly (windows, floors, etc.), being in gallery during open hours, and fabrication for installation (when needed). Aside from staffing the gallery, a gallery assistant is also expected to come to artist receptions, and, when needed, to take photos of openings or other events. Other tasks include accounting (logging receipts and mileage), logging emails for online newsletter, keeping the Facebook page updated, and other tasks which may come up (depending on installation requirements, ie: turning on installation if electronic, making sure delicate objects are not broken/tampered with, etc).

Review: As a gallery assistant, I am able to work closely with the art and artists themselves, as well as others who interact with art in their daily lives (staff at other arts organizations, my supervisors, etc). Due to the small size of the gallery, I am able to openly talk to visitors about the art or answer any questions they may have, creating an opportunity to foster conversation about the sometimes very abstract art. As I am by myself in the gallery for the most part, visitors either feel very open to conversation or they don’t. Whichever visitors prefer, I am able to provide the amount of conversation they desire while they visit. I have learned a lot of skills while working at outside, including but not limited to, specific skills in accounting, social media skills, networking, making vinyls, applying vinyls, and more. I have had to be open in learning new skills, and have had to be quick to apply the skills I already have in specific situations. Everyday is a little different, where I have different tasks and different requirements to accomplish that day.

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