Stephen Pruzinsky at FIGMENT North Adams

Internship Position: Graphic Design/Marketing

Description: The FIGMENT North Adams Graphic Design/Marketing internship position duties consist of; creating marketable graphics that adhere to the FIGMENT branding guidelines, distributing marketing materials, and ensuring the quality of marketables sent to, and received from, print. Marketables include custom made graphic images and texts, created with specialized digital software, to be included in distributables such as social media posts, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, and any other printed design with the intent to distribute.

Review: I had an amazing time working with FIGMENT North Adams. Krystal Henriquez was the project coordinater for FIGMENT North Adams 2017 and through her excellent leadership, FIGMENT saw its second successful year here. I entered the semester enthusiastic in my graphic design skills, despite not having any formal education in the field. Challenges quickly arose, as I had to quickly learn a crash course on branding and type guidelines. It is actually way more complicated than my original thoughts to just make it look good. Thanks to the help of last year’s Graphic Design intern, Amy Castellano, I was able to quickly learn the basic do’s and don’ts of the Graphic Design industry. She was a massive help throughout the semester and was very reliable to fall back upon if obstacles beyond my capacity arose. Krystal did really well in allocating responsibilities and communication, I really felt like I was a part of FIGMENT and its success. Seeing and hearing the positive feedback on my graphics from the team and throughout the internet and community gave me a legitimate sense of accomplishment. It was a lot of hard work though, I lost track of my hours because it became too tedious to track every sporadic moment I worked on FIGMENT projects. It became pretty crazy at times juggling so many responsibilities between graphic design and my other classes. The challenges proved to be worth it in the end because I learned so much and got to spend a lot of time working with people and an organization that really cares about people and positivity. All the hard work and anxiety built up to the final day of the event, where we were so lucky not to have rain and to have so many great submissions and attendees. The whole FIGMENT North Adams team was great to work with. Krystal worked super hard this year to make FIGMENT happen, she displayed great business acumen, as well as creative savvy, and was thoroughly attentive and aware of her people, obligations, and efficacy. I am grateful to have been a part of FIGMENT North Adams 2017 as the Graphic Design intern, and I hope the success continues for many years to come!

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