Sebastian Conrad at FIGMENT North Adams

FIGMENT Communications Internship Description

This internship involves working in all aspect of communications and promotion for the event, like managing and writing press releases, managing social media accounts, sending blast emails, creating and distributing flyers, and devising other forms of advertisement. It involves creating the event’s crowdfunding campaign, which entails writing a persuasive copy as well as coming up with deliverables that donors will take interest in. After the crowdfunding campaign is made, interns will have a hand in promoting the campaign, following up with donors, continuing communication and making sure that gifts are delivered. Additional work includes preparation for the event, like reaching out to sponsors, creating signage, answering questions from artists and participants, and other volunteer work during the event.

My Experience as a FIGMENT Intern

I heard about FIGMENT North Adams through one of my classes, and I thought it was very interesting concept but I didn’t think it would work in North Adams. However, I proven wrong when I came to event and worked on the art installations for Photography club and Education club. Though I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of the art projects in the event, I was very impressed with how it turned out, and how so many people from the community got together to share in the creation of art. It was a lot of fun to see that, and I knew that I wanted take part in this project the following year. So, when I saw that they were taking in interns for their communications team, I was like, “I know communications stuff. I can probably do this.” So I applied, and I got it, and it’s been great.

Overall, my time as a FIGMENT intern was really beneficial in terms of getting the experience I wanted in communications and arts administration. It involved a lot of writing, including press releases, social media posts, emails to sponsors and donators. I also wrote the copy for the crowdfunding campaign, which involved many drafts, and figuring out the best ways to say things in ways that are informative, persuasive, and grasps the reader’s attention. The same goes for social media. It’s not that easy. In addition to this, I did a lot of research on finding deliverables that we could get at the most reasonable price. Like, glow sticks in bulk, and the FIGMENT North Adams sketchbooks, which after hours of looking for blank sketchbooks, I found a website that allowed people to customize their own sketchbooks. So, we sent them the FIGMENT logo and got to them printed out on the cover. They turned out great, and it was reasonably priced.

I feel that the classes I’ve taken during my time at MCLA, being a Communications major with a minor in Arts Management, really prepared me for this internship. Especially my Public Relations and News Writing classes, as well as Performing Arts Management, and more. These classes taught me to be clear and concise with my writing, and taught me the on field experience needed to work an event like FIGMENT. I feel like this internship acted as a bridge that connected my two fields of study, and I’m excited to do more work like this. Working with artists in a festival setting, is something that I’m definitely interested in pursuing career wise.

In addition to building bridges and advancing my work experience, one thing that made this internship great was the team I worked with. My colleagues in this internship were integral to the process of putting this event together, we all got along, and worked really well as a team. Working with Krystal was a bit stressful at times, but there was always good communication, and I knew that I could always acquire help from her if I needed it. Other team members like Jacob, Will, Sue, and all our volunteers, were all essential in making this event happen. Though there were tough times during the event, like the immense wind that threatened to know everything over, I would say that FIGMENT North Adams was a clear success and I’m very grateful to have been a part of it.


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