Faces of Figment

Faces of FIGMENT: Meet Courtney Jorud

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.59.21 PMFIGMENT North Adams 2017 is proud to bring Courtney Jorud, Springfield College Art Therapy major, to our event day on April 29th!. With her passion for art therapy, Courtney’s ideas for her project are fueled by community. “I personally go to school for Art Therapy, and believe 100% that art should be implemented into the community in a form such as this.”  

Although Courtney did not attend our first event last year, she has been to other FIGMENT events, where each experience she has had was amazing and brought new imaginative ideas for our event this year. She notes that “people of any kind come and have a great, fun, new experience. Watching the people who bring their art to commune with the people is also really interesting and exciting because they are in their happiest, truest, form of themselves.”

This year for FIGMENT North Adams 2017, Courtney plans to tie in her background in art therapy to create an experience involving meditation and paint. Her project, called “Meditative Fabric Painting”, will consist of sheets of white fabric that are in the form of yoga mats where participants will be able to sit on the sheet, listen to the relaxing sounds of nature, and learn the basics of meditation. The best part? You get to use your fingers to paint on the fabric that you’re sitting on! Courtney adds that “anyone who participates will have the option of taking their piece home. I’m super excited about this, I believe that art is healing, and meditation is a great way to ground and center one’s soul.”

Since it is her first time submitting her own project, Courtney exclaims her excitement to interact with the community and to see other projects at the event. She believes that any day that consists of art-making with tons of people is “a wonderful day”.

Come see Courtney’s – and many others – project this year at FIGMENT North Adams 2017 on Saturday, April 29th from 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm at Windsor Lake!

#FacesofFIGMENT Written by Maggie Dobson

Photo courtesy of Emma Bonhiver

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