Faces of Figment

Faces of FIGMENT: dsyFUNKcrew

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Join us in welcoming local dance troupe dysFUNKcrew as they debut their first FIGMENT project at this year’s event. Members of dysFUNKcrew will offer on-the-spot dance instruction with their project “dysFUNK LIVE”, promising enthusiastic audience participation and comedic entertainment for all. The group aims to teach the audience how to dance in “their style”, a blend of Hip Hop and Breakdancing with the distinct energy of Step all rolled into one.

The members of dysFUNKcrew are all Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) alumni who danced together as students during their undergrad. Although the group was originally formed as a way to have fun and stay in shape, it quickly evolved into a team that regularly performs at local cultural events, including several pop-up performances at MASS MoCA, Tanglewood, and Jacob’s Pillow. As their Facebook page recites, “our love of dance brought us together and our love for our community created dysFUNKcrew.”

Kayla Hollins, a founding member of dysFUNKcrew, believes that North Adams is a great area for art. “Tourism’s exploded,” she states, “it’s driven by the local art”. Hollins is from New York City and has been dancing nearly her whole life. She finds her work with dysFUNKcrew to be incredibly energizing, serving as an outlet for stress and creativity. Hollins views dance as naturally participatory, suggesting that we are able to communicate with one another through dance. She believes that dance offers “freedom of movement and expression”, allowing us to “find the common ground” that breaks down our barriers to immediacy.

The members of dysFUNKcrew have been considering future objectives, like adding more traditional performances and to continue expanding their network so they can interact with new audiences. “We don’t try to overburden ourselves because we’re all working real jobs,” says Hollins, who herself works at the MCLA Office of Admission. The group plans on incorporating live streaming into their project, so visit and ‘like’ the dysFUNKcrew Facebook page to catch dysFUNK LIVE the day of the event!


#FacesofFIGMENT article written by Jacob Fennell

Photos courtesy of dsyFUNKcrew and Emma Bonhiver

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