Faces of Figment

Faces of FIGMENT: Advanced Performing Arts Management

As this year’s FIGMENT North Adams event steadily approaches, many students at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) are working diligently to help produce an amazing event. Students of the Advanced Performing Arts Management class have been particularly supportive, tackling FIGMENT all semester long with an academic focus on the programming, production, and presentation aspects of the event. Students in the Arts Management curriculum at MCLA learn about managing and producing all types of performing arts events, including large-scale concerts and art festivals. For the past two years, FIGMENT North Adams has provided a real-world context for the students to actively apply their learning in an involved setting. The Advanced Performing Arts Management class is currently taught by Sue Killam, Managing Director of Performing Arts and Film at MASS MoCA. Killam, who has a rich background in event production as well as the performing arts, views FIGMENT as “the practical experience that ties this class together.” This semester, the students have been involved in numerous event operations such as assessing project submissions, recruiting MCLA club involvement, organizing outreach activities, and general event marketing. The students will continue providing aid to the FIGMENT North Adams team at the event, where they will join our superstar volunteer team.

We invite you to join us at this year’s event to participate in this collaborative community experience. FIGMENT North Adams 2017 will be held at Windsor Lake in North Adams, MA on Saturday, April 29th from 3:00-9:30pm. FIGMENT is free, family-friendly, and open to everyone.

#FacesofFIGMENT article written by Tianna Darling

Photo courtesy of Emma Bonhiver

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