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Next Stop, Disney World!

Photo by MCLA and Disney College Program alumnus Mark Richards ’09, now a Walt Disney World cast member.

What will two of our students do after they earn their Bachelor of Arts degrees this May? They’re going to Disney World! After a very competitive process, theatre majors Conner Norblit ’17 of Westfield, Mass., and Erin D’Entremont ’17 of Dracut, Mass., were accepted into the Disney Program, a paid internship and apprenticeship.

According to Norblit, whose dream job is to appear on Broadway or acting and writing for NBC’s Saturday Night Live television show, this opportunity will give his career an important boost.

“I’ll be working with one of the biggest and most successful corporations in the world, and having that on my resume – regardless of what I do in the future – is incredible,” he said.

Only one person out of every seven who apply to the program is accepted. Norblit said MCLA contributed to his successful result by teaching him to broaden his horizons.

“Before I came to MCLA, I had my mind set on one specific thing for what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, which was acting. But since coming here I have found interest in so many subjects other than that,” he explained.

His membership in MCLA’s Harlequin Musical Theatre Club prepared Norblit for both Disney and his career by helping him to evolve into the person he is today.

“Harlequin is not for timid and shy people, and if there are timid and shy people in Harlequin they won’t be for very long,” he explained. “This has made me into such a people person: I love to talk and get to know people, which is such a perfect quality to have for the type of field I am about to enter.”

Erin D'Entremont

It’s been D’Entremont’s longtime dream to work for the Walt Disney World Company. Although she and Norblit both will start out working in “attractions,” which includes shows and rides, D’Entremont plans to take advantage of numerous audition opportunities while she’s there in the hope of becoming a character performer.

Like Norblit, she belongs to Harlequin, calling the experience “one of the biggest highlights of my time here at MCLA.” They recently capped off their senior year by performing in a production of Young Frankenstein.

“It’s bittersweet, and I’ll miss it, but I’ve been preparing for this moment,” D’Entremont said. “Harlequin has been a great place to try new things in my performances and has really helped me to push myself further.”

Both D’Entremont and Norblit recommend MCLA.

“Academically, my time at MCLA has been so rewarding. I have learned so many different aspects of fine and performing arts that I never thought I would ever associate myself with,” Norblit said. “Because of the instruction from my professors within my major, I have grown to be a great collaborator as well as a very professional individual; both of which will be great traits to bring to Disney.”

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