Student Features

Izzy Heltai and Secret Creature

By: Emma Monahan

In Izzy Heltai’s recently released five-song album “Izzy Heltai and Secret Creature,” the MCLA student is able to showcase his original songs, as well as an original arrangement of a traditional song, in the acoustic/indie genre that he plays. Although, according to his Facebook page, “sad” seems more fitting.

In the opening track, “San Francisco Bay,” you’re hit with harmonies automatically. The song is a perfect starter for this album, with lyrics that are relatable for everyone listening. A part of the song goes, “I will see you when the sun sets in the west, when I close my eyes.” Heltai is accompanied by Matt and Tim Shiebler.

Also featured on the album is Mike Vogt, who plays the mandolin on the opening track, as well as track four, “I Think I Get It.” The mandolin is a nice accompaniment to the lyrics Heltai has written, as well as pairing well with his voice and the music as a whole.

“Down To The River” is another example of Heltai and Shiebler’s harmonies together. The first 40 seconds of the song are stripped down bare, just vocals. The song then moves into an acoustic guitar solo. Heltai’s vocals fit well with the song, picking up about halfway through. The song is a classic indie tune, with some hints of twain, like an old fashioned country song.

Heltai’s music is very similar to bands like The Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, and The Lumineers. Heltai’s voice is a reminder to artist Jake Bugg’s, with its rustic appeal and calming harmonies. “Dig My Own Grave” showcases just that, a song that is beautifully written, telling a story woven neatly through. Part of the lyrics go, “So I will go and find my way/and down this road I dig my own grave/and when I die the words she will say/if home is where the heart is then my heart stopped beating today.”

“Folk tunes, good 4 your soul,” Heltai’s Facebook describes, and it’s an accurate description.

Heltai’s music is what you want to play on a rainy day, as the music just makes you feel good.

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