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Alumnus Entertains Crowds in NYC

Above, Bengey Asse ’06 with Director of Student Development Celia Norcross, at this fall’s Alumni Reunion Weekend. Below, (top) at work as a DJ, and (bottom) featured in Time Out New York Magazine earlier this year.

When Bengey Asse ’06 began his career at MCLA, he was the only DJ on campus, which provided a unique opportunity for experience in his field. Today, he continues to bring that distinctive flair to his work in New York City.

“I consider myself a DJ/entertainer,” Asse explained. “Besides playing the music, I’m an emcee. I talk on the mic and get the crowd hyped up to dance and party. I also dance, as well.”

A fine and performing arts major with a concentration on acting, Asse served as the DJ for the Annual Valentine’s Day gala and Greek organization formals, and also at basketball games, Campus Center events, and even for North Adams businesses.

“MCLA helped me keep the momentum after college as I began to pursue my professional career,” Asse said. “The fact that I can DJ, emcee and dance helps me stand out from the many other DJs in New York City.”

Part of MCLA’s Dance Company back when the club was just getting its start, Asse served as a choreographer and a dancer. Now, in addition to his DJ work, he’s employed as a dancer with an entertainment company, Shine Events, which performs for teens at events such as Bat Mitzvahs.

“Dance Company started me off on the path of entertainment,” Asse said. 

Besides working at a variety of venues throughout New York City – and his work at private events – Asse also is the resident DJ at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“The thing I’m most passionate about for my DJ work and music is moving people, period. We all love music, right? The fact that you can change someone’s mood or make their night with the music that you play is so satisfying to me,” Asse said. 

The best part of being a DJ, he said, is entertaining the crowd 

“I love to see people happy, clapping and dancing along to the music I select for them. I consider myself the ‘life of the party,’” Asse said. “I always get good feedback from the crowd about how they love my energy. I just have fun!”

The best part of attending MCLA, according to Asse, was the opportunity to join a small community and a “family” that will stay with its graduates beyond their years on campus.

“I’m really a fan of small classes. The professors were like your mentors, parents, big brothers and sisters, all in one. They are really passionate and knowledgeable about the arts, with plenty of experience,” he explained. “They really do care about you, and you are not just a number. To me, that’s big.”

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