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Raised in Mexico City, Freshman Looks Forward to MCLA

Sebastian Phillips ’20 at his high school graduation with two of his teachers–one of whom is Will Gelinas ’06, right.

Sebastian Phillips ’20 will bring his love of soccer to MCLA when he joins the Class of 2020 next week. He says it’s one of the best things he’ll take away from his home in Mexico City, Mexico.

Phillips learned to play soccer in Mexico, where he spent his youth. “I love soccer,” he said, “and became pretty good at it.” Then, from the eighth grade to his high school graduation, he attended boarding school at Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, Mass.

As a high school freshman, he was one of his soccer team’s most valuable players as the top goal scorer. As a sophomore, he became the team captain, and continued in that role until his graduation. During his senior year, his soccer team made the finals, where he scored his 120thgoal.

While he hopes to play soccer as part of a club at MCLA, Phillips decided to make a sacrifice. He will hold off on joining MCLA’s Division III team – at least during his freshman year – so he can focus on something he loves even more than soccer – the theatre.

“Performing arts always has been something I have been greatly interested in,” Phillips said. “Since I was two years old, I wanted to be in the movies and in television shows. Theatre is in my blood.”

His mother has her own YouTube channel and his father for many years produced commercials and small-budget Mexican films. In addition, his grandmother and godfather are popular actors in Mexico, Phillips said.

“They taught me a lot of techniques on how to improve as an actor,” he added. “I love performing arts, because, to me, there is no better way of expressing who I am than on a stage or in front of a camera.”

In particular, “My junior and senior years turned out to be fantastic years in theater for me,” Phillips continued. “I had fantastic and incredibly fun roles.” These included a one act Shakespearian play of Midsummer Night’s Dream, the role of Heck Tate in To Kill a Mockingbird and the title role in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

“Acting is just the thing I love, and hopefully I will have a chance to show everyone at MCLA all the hard work and love I put into every play that I am in, any character I portray and each part I have – big or small,” Phillips said.

He looks forward to the independence life in college will bring him, and is grateful for the chance to earn his degree. “I will work my hardest to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that I have in front of me.”

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