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Alumna Finds Dream Jobs in the Music Industry

Brittany Kish ’14 works at CakeMix Recording, in Dallas, Texas.

After she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in interdisciplinary studies, with concentrations in business administration and music, Brittany Kish ’14 knew she wanted to start her career in the South, and something about Texas caught her eye.

Now she works for two companies she loves – CakeMix Recording and iHeart Media in Dallas.  

“With hard work, dedication, faith and confidence in myself I feel blessed to say that I not only have one, but two dream jobs!” Kish exclaimed.  While she still maintains her ultimate goal of singing professionally, “I absolutely love what I do. I work in a recording studio, so being able to get personal studio time is something to strive for.”

According to Kish, the moment she walked into CakeMix Recording, she knew she’d found the job she’d been looking for.

“The owner and his wife looked at my resume and were in awe of everything I had done during my time at MCLA,” she said. “I not only was hired on as a sales associate, but as the marketing and promotions coordinator for the studio.”

About that same time, Kish also heard from iHeart Media, regarding a spot on their promotions team in the Dallas/Dallas Fort Worth area.

“I went to a group interview with 10 people,” she explained. “Two weeks later, after thinking I didn’t get the position, I received an offer letter saying that, out of 30 applicants, they wanted me to fill one of the three open spots.”

CakeMix handles recordings for a variety of purposes. In addition to working with bands and individual recording artists, the business is available for voiceovers, musical symphonies, and more. Its music and sound appears in syndication on the major television networks. However, CakeMix is perhaps best known for work for the cartoon television series, Dragon Ball Z.

At CakeMix since June, Kish is in charge of a side business belonging to the owner, called “On Hold for You.” For this business, the studio does the recording and production of the music one hears when on hold during a phone call.

“We do all of the casting and script writing,” she explained. “The client just has to give us a general idea of what they want the message to be like and we do the rest. What makes this so cool is we can do it from anywhere – our clients don’t have to be in Texas.” 

In the evenings and on weekends, Kish works at iHeart Media – the company behind iHeart Radio.

“This job is the job for anything in the music/entertainment industry,” she said. “Ever go to an event or a concert and see that iHeart Media is a sponsor? I’m that person in the red shirt, spreading the word about the one and only iHeart! It’s just a fun environment to be able to work in.”

Kish credits MCLA with her success.

“Not only did MCLA prepare me for the actual job, but for the process it took me to get here,” she explained. “I was taught not only the knowledge of the music, art, and entertainment industry, but how to get there. From the resume and cover letter writing to the mock interviews, I left MCLA comfortable in knowing I could take on anything that came my way.”

She continued, “MCLA will prepare you, with guidance throughout. I still keep in touch with professors and advisors. You’re at MCLA not only to get an education, but to gain connections for a lifetime.”

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