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Transfer Student: ‘There are Endless Things To Do’

Krystal Henriquez ’16 of Springfield, Mass., just arrived on campus last fall, but she’s wasted no time in getting involved as she pursues her Bachelor of Arts degree in arts management. A transfer student, she came to MCLA with a MassTransfer Block of core credits she’d earned at Holyoke Community College. This set her up for a successful two-year plan.

“I was able to take my classes for my major immediately. Therefore, every step of the way here for me at MCLA has been of me taking courses and getting involved in things I’m truly interested in,” Henriquez explained.

Last month, she had the high-impact experience of traveling to New York City with nine other students to attend the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) conference. A five-day event for arts professionals, the experience was made possible through generous funding by the Alice Shaver Foundation.

“APAP was an amazing experience for me,” Henriquez said. “Aside from making great friendships, I got to experience things that wouldn’t have been possible for me without the generosity of the funder.”

C:\fakepath\Krystal Henriquez art.jpg

With a growing interest in scenic design, Henriquez noted various techniques and elements of theatre on that trip which she previously was not aware of.

“This sparked new ideas and opened my mind to many new possibilities that could be applied to theatre,” she explained. “This semester, while working on new productions for the College, I will definitely try to implement these elements of theatre that could otherwise be overlooked.”

Henriquez also is taking advantage of an exchange program between MCLA and Williams College. She’s enrolled in a “Sculpture Expanded” course this semester at Williams, in nearby Williamstown.

Because she has a number of interests – such as photography, cinematography, painting and sculptures – Henriquez has spent considerable time determining which art form she should focus on. She decided on the theatre tech field because of the satisfaction she receives from working on hands-on projects.

“It felt really good to see my work come to life on stage,” she explained. “MCLA provided me the opportunity to work in the school’s scene shop and to become familiar with some of the tools and methods used in scene construction,” Henriquez said.

While she decided to attend MCLA for a number of reasons, the primary reason is our arts management program.

“The location of the College was another factor in my decision to come here,” Henriquez continued.  “I love to go hiking and to spend time outdoors, and also knew that there were many opportunities for me to spend my time that way in the Berkshires. The amount of opportunities for art experiences in and around North Adams was also a strong driving factor in my decision.”

From Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in downtown North Adams to Mount Greylock State Reservation in the neighboring town of Adams, “There are endless things to do and be a part of if you know where to direct your energy,” she added.

“I would definitely recommend MCLA to prospective students because of the great experiences I’ve had here so far. The students are very welcoming and friendly, and have made it easy for me to become a part of things here on campus.”

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