Community at MCLA

Clubs and Events Important to College Experience

An important part of the MCLA student experience includes its vast array of clubs and organizations, as well as the many activities they offer.

“We are a very diverse campus and, by attending events that MCLA and clubs sponsor, you get an insight on how interesting, passionate and hard-working individuals on this campus are,” said Joelle Dumont ’16 of Fitchburg, Mass., vice president of the Student Activities Council (SAC).

With SAC, Dumont plans events to entertain students both on and off the campus. Activities include Saturday Bingo Nights, Movies on the Quad, the Spring Concert, Spring Fest and Fall Family Weekend. In addition, SAC takes students on a variety of trips, including to sporting events and amusement parks.

“Events and club activities bring our campus together,” Dumont explained. “A sense of community is important to having a full college experience, which is why I found myself here at MCLA.”

Elizabeth Diaz ’16 of Lawrence, Mass., said it’s important that students participate in campus activities because they offer opportunities for growth – as leaders and as students.

“Through campus activities we learn so many new things, and it makes the student life more interesting and enjoyable,” Diaz said. “They provide students with the opportunity of getting to know each other and the school staff outside the classrooms. It is also very important because it teaches us how to work as a team, which is the essence of success.”

Timothy G. Williams ’17 of Springfield, Mass., added, “It’s important to engage in campus activities because it allows you to make a positive name for yourself on campus. People working in high positions will begin to know you, and that allows for countless opportunities to come your way. It also looks great on your resume.”

All three were in attendance at this year’s National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) conference in Hartford, Conn.

“The conference was essentially a huge melting pot of ideas for events and advertising from different colleges in the Northeast,” Dumont explained. “We were able to network with companies that specialize in entertainment like musicians and comedians, as well as people who specialize in promotion material and marketing to help you better communicate your club and organization on campus.”

The captain of MCLA’s NeXXus step team, Williams said the conference exceeded his expectations, and offered a great opportunity to learn tools and techniques to bring back and apply.

“I learned how to network my team and myself professionally, how to make our e-board stronger, and ways to help NeXXus reach our fullest potential. I also got to see a number of amazing performances by upcoming and rising stars, so that was pretty cool,” he said.

Diaz, treasurer of MCLA’s Latin American Society, said going to the conference was a great experience.

“It was a mixture of learning, meeting new people, live performances and all kinds of fun,” Diaz said. “The workshops were very interesting. They gave us the opportunity not only to learn, but also interact with one another.”

In addition to discovering ways to get people out to activities and how to address any conflict that may arise, Diaz said the conference opened up her mind and allowed her to see things from a different point of view.

Williams said, “MCLA has a lot to offer to students who put themselves out there. We have extraordinary staff and faculty that will help you accomplish your goals.

“I came to this school with the mindset that I will make a name for myself, and I have received a tremendous amount of support in doing so. All I did was decide to get involved in activities and clubs. That’s provided a lot of amazing opportunities for me.”

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